This page expresses my unceasing devotion to beauty, creativity and the deep language of "soul". I am an artist by profession; however, I love art so much that I would draw, paint and write even if I was the last human left on the planet.

Most of the paintings displayed here have been sold; prints can be arranged, though, for a reasonable price. Some originals are still available, and I do accept commissions. These days, I also accept chickens, butter and clothing (and other goods and services) in lieu of typical currency. :)

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tree Goddesses, oil on canvas, sold

Holy Leap

Go ahead, test the stability of the bridge
between your-and-Self.

Did you believe the chasm
was as merciless as the dull death
in your head?

Did you think it would reward the courage
of your wincing step
with nothing more than a cold fall, an abrupt stop
shaped like jagged rocks?

I know you can’t see it, I know it
has no logic,
but go ahead, jump out, land with both feet!
Swing your arms and dance across.
Stomp and laugh,
because a herd of elephants
could not sway this bridge,
suspended as it is from heaven,
rooted as it is in earth.

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