This page expresses my unceasing devotion to beauty, creativity and the deep language of "soul". I am an artist by profession; however, I love art so much that I would draw, paint and write even if I was the last human left on the planet.

Most of the paintings displayed here have been sold; prints can be arranged, though, for a reasonable price. Some originals are still available, and I do accept commissions. These days, I also accept chickens, butter and clothing (and other goods and services) in lieu of typical currency. :)

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

"Grandma's Cabin", oil on canvas, sold

Finding Voice

Many years in this guesthouse,
there was a noisy place in the floor
I tried hard to avoid, so as not to wake the
sleeping people.

Forgetting, one day, I stepped just there.
The floor squeaked in surprise, causing someone to stir--!
I froze in fear of…

But a curiosity in the sound
bade me test my weight again.
The floor groaned in pain…
someone opened an eye, so I stopped
with unspoken apology,

Until a secret joy in the gaze upon me
placed my foot, firmly, on that vocal spot
once more, and the floor
crackled in anger!
Someone sat bolt upright.

And I bounced a few times,
grinning at the awakened one
while the floor laughed in delight,
remembering my innocent self
sitting, rolling, dancing
in this singing place!

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