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Most of the paintings displayed here have been sold; prints can be arranged, though, for a reasonable price. Some originals are still available, and I do accept commissions. These days, I also accept chickens, butter and clothing (and other goods and services) in lieu of typical currency. :)

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Dragonglow", oil on canvas, sold


In this necessary nightmare,
wild wasteland of fallen angels and fractured wings,
I step over my own spilled blood and hear the
snap of fearful division,
smelling heat of hate on the wind.

Nothing seems to grow amid fortresses
of illness, under layers of mental cancer
and piles of our neglect.
Nothing seems to flow through
these huge dams of greed.

So easy to succumb to the swelling
of despair…

But compulsive lies collapse
gratefully, as do all things, into truth;
through the ruins I see layers of time
in canyon walls, the pattern of pulse
through all the apparent
heart failure.

There are signs of what moves underneath,
ancient evidence immune
to doubt.

Thirsty, heedless of bites and stings,
I lie on the parched bed of original flow
and put my ear and my naked belly
to this earth.

Listeners, feelers in the desert know
the ebb and flow of silent
subterranean current, washing clean
the wounds, mending the breaks and cooling
the fever of fear.
Even here,
I heal
in the place where sea meets sky;
even here I am
at home.


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